Site Idea

Site allows users to enter their “cultural genetic code”; it consists of a humongous catalog of beliefs, attitudes, values, described responses to hypothetical situations, etc. For example, a user would subscribe to the statement, “It’s not okay to treat a waiter badly because of a mistake in the order.” and a thousand other statements ((So far, it’s similar to The differences are the focus on cataloging values over consumer and aesthetic preferences, and the focus on sharing statements with others in groups. )) . The site would collect demographic data up-front but would hold onto it until a large-enough database had been constructed. Later, correlations and clustering could be identified, but in addition there would be the option for users to “bundle up” values and tropes into new groupings with evocative labels. So someone could bundle up “It’s wrong to eat meat” with “the US should have an aggressive foreign policy when it comes to protecting against genocide” into “Red-blooded Veggie” or whatever. Then people could choose to “adopt” the new values package, and then fork and modify it with their own additions. The point would be to promote the idea that values should be chosen “for their value” instead of their belonging to a particular obligatory milieu, and that values should be viewed as being elective and configurable and capable of being put into pragmatic competition with each other.

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