Movie Idea

The title of the movie is Dog Whistle. The main character is a young Arab-American slacker who generally tries to keep his head down and avoid any kind of social engagement. His life changes when he gets into a minor fender bender at a gas station. The other driver, a middle-aged white man in a business suit, refuses to be placated and rages irrationally at the protagonist until he snaps and, uncharacteristically, yells at the businessman with enough force to silence him. This moment of victory is cut short when the older man flashes a sinister grin, begins to whistle eerily and then gets in his car and drives off. The main character soon realizes that the man is a local politician with national ambitions and a unique ability to compel people’s attentions with his nativist and xenophobic message. As the movie progresses, the main character is “chased” by the politician’s television and radio appearances, which have the effect of causing the moderate people in the protagonist’s life to turn against him.  Imagine a scene in a diner where one moment the waitress is serving the hero his food with a smile and the next she is stabbing a knife down on the counter and tipping his food onto the floor. Within moments the whole diner has become murderously ill-disposed toward him. The climax involves the main character confronting the politician at a town-hall-style meeting where the protagonist is in danger of being ripped apart by the zombie-like mob.

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