Installing Ubuntu Pangolin on Beagle Bone

Just a quick note if you’re like me and you want to put Ubuntu on your Beagle Bone. The Beagle Bone is a sweet little palm-sized motherboard/processor guy that’s nice for little hardware projects. It comes with the Angstrom operating system loaded onto the SD card. This operating system was fine for initial development but I ran into an issue where I couldn’t leave a server to run and log out. If I checked back the server was always dead no matter what I did to detach it (maybe it was just pegging itself and restarting). So I wanted to see if Ubuntu would handle any better.

Anyways, I kept trying to just flash an image from the official Ubuntu page onto an SD card and boot it, but it wasn’t working. Then I saw that there is a script that does all the work for you mentioned on this page:

Works like a charm, and Ubuntu does seem to be more stable than Angstrom on the Beagle Bone. Thanks to the author of the script, Robert C. Nelson.

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