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Jumble of thoughts about Ruby and programming

I really like the Ruby language. I like it for its syntax and its idioms and the programming culture. Recently I’ve been thinking about the things that I don’t like about the language. It’ s a relatively short list. Ruby: some things I don’t like about you The slow speed. It really is bad, but we…


Crystal is a cool new language that I like. One thing that’s neat about it is that even the compiler (as opposed to the runtime libraries) is written in Crystal. That is, the compiler is written in the same high level language that the compiler is intended to compile! As an aside, this is really powerful and important…

Slow Vim? Check your ~/.zshenv

This is probably a “duh” tip, but here goes: don’t put heavy loading code in ~/.zshenv because this code will be processed in every system call inside another program like Vim, making the program seem slow. Like every single programmer I maintain a repo of my dotfiles that I constantly tinker with. At some point…

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