Remember the bit about differentiation? Well, that just meant that I’m a confused little puppy, who constantly questions and thus undermines the activities that grant some (small) pleasures. Yeah, I got the angst.

For the record, then: I like science fiction. I like the orientation it gives my thought. I can shape my perception and my judgments around these precepts:

  1. That there is a future is a given.
  2. The present is the soil out of which the future will grow.
  3. This soil is long-conditioned by the past.
  4. And yet, the future is governed largely by accident.
  5. We are given, in the present, vectors or tendencies of mass phenomena.
  6. As individuals, we participate in and compose mass phenomena.
  7. As individuals qua individuals we can influence mass phenomena.
  8. An image of this is: an element of the soup stepping out to season the pot.
  9. Not: a sheepdog.
  10. More likely: a man with a flag in a procession of men, many with flags.
  11. Also: a rock placed in advance of a stream finding its course.
  12. In all images: there is no hope of directly opposing all tendencies.
  13. But everything depends on the determination of this place over that, even though both are over there.
  14. In any case, doxies that teach relinquishment before historical forces are historical forces.
  15. The definite nature of the future is not given.

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