As I Drink This Beer

A dystopian “control” society based on distraction. Remember, in Brave New World it’s entertainment, in Brazil it’s bureaucracy and prolishness, in 1984 it’s fear and propaganda… but distraction as such is something different. You set your mind to do something and you get distracted, you forget to do it, you forget that you even wanted to do it. The political control is that you can only do what is programmed for you to do. The closest literary example I can think of is the thought-suppressing bells in Harrison Bergeron. GTD is about programming steps for yourself to do in the absence of a continuous memory, while any decent employer can provide you with a constant feed of Microsoft Exchange tasks to complete. I once read a cool story about a  guy with progressive alzheimer’s who programmed a computer to give him tasks and look out for his welfare after his mind went; it’s in this collection somewhere. Anyway, the genius of such a regime would be that it would sustain the illusion of purposive activity. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that we need to defend ourselves against our primate nature.

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