Another City Story

I was at the local PNC Bank to deposit a paycheck, and I was writing out a deposit slip.  A woman said loudly to the bank teller something like, “I wish she’d just had the heart attack then!” and the teller demurred, “well…” “I have to laugh just so I don’t cry,” the woman explained, and walked away from the teller. In line behind her was a man pushing a baby carriage. “I have to stay away from you because you’re too cute!” the woman said to the baby in the baby carriage. The father smiled. Everyone looked at the baby (it was cute). The woman stood there for a second and said, “Yeah, I have to stay away from you so you won’t get what I’ve got.” She walked a few steps toward the door and turned, “No, wouldn’t want you to get what I’ve got.” A few more steps. “No, nobody wants what I’ve got.” Finally, she turned and as she was walking out the door, started to sing, “♫Nobody wants what I’ve got…♪“. I started laughing along with the young woman standing next to me.

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