I have an intense memory of this show. I would have been six in 1987. I remember it as being extremely dark and disturbing. The protagonists wore power suits and the villains were completely robotic from the head down and they flew around in a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland and fought. I think I must have had access to one of the toys at one point. There was a game you could play with the toy and a video cassette. I guess this game was stupid, or the toy broke or something, because I made my own “robotic soldier” out of a plush parrot and tinfoil, using syran wrap for the visor in the helmet. This augmented parrot was very, very cool and completely satisfied my feverish six-year-old imagination. My friend did the same thing with a teddy bear. Be sure to take a look at the wikipedia article. Who were the terrible people who made this show?

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