[12:14:10 AM] tristil: All of a sudden, I get it.
[12:14:22 AM] Amy Taylor: yeah?

[12:14:26 AM] tristil: A rock group is typically four guys who practice a lot together.
[12:14:29 AM] tristil: To get a groove.
[12:14:54 AM] tristil: Jazz groups are a bit more fluid, because they’re trained to improvise and groove with each other.
[12:15:14 AM] tristil: Hip-hop is about a DJ and an MC or multiple MCs.
[12:15:36 AM] tristil: That’s why they have more collaborations.
[12:16:08 AM] tristil: Because it’s always a DJ looking for an MC, and vice versa. Each is incomplete without the other.
[12:17:42 AM] tristil: That’s all. I just didn’t know that before.

Update: Listen to this interview with Grandmaster Flash to gain true enlightenment. At the end he explains the origin of the MC. I love that: inward DJ, outward MC.

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